Block: 2848190 Hashrate: 5660.79 MH/sec Supply: 11,628,927,286 NIM Time: 16:08:58 UTC

Nimiq Supply and Block Rewards

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The total supply of NIM will be 21 billion (21e9 NIM, inspired by Bitcoin but increased by a factor of 1000).

The smallest unit of NIM is called Luna. There are 100,000 (1e5) Luna in 1 NIM, which makes the total supply of NIM equivalent to 21e14 Luna. Exactly like Bitcoin has 21e14 Satoshi.

The Nimiq Mainnet Genesis Block contained 12% of the total supply (2.52 billion NIM). 2.5% were allocated to the team, 4.5% to Nimiq Foundation and 5% to holders of NET which were sold in the Token Sale. 88% of the Total Supply will be mined.

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